How to create prosperity across Africa

In this episode I explore the critical question: How To Create Prosperity Across Africa. In doing so, I highlight the root causes poverty, in general. So if we want to create prosperity, we first need to understand the key obstacles that are standing in the way such prosperity. Through my more than 25 years of work in the socio-economic development sector, especially working in southern Africa, I realised that there are TWO main causes of poverty, namely 1) Structural Poverty and 2) Self-Inflicted Poverty. When aiming to understand each of these, I made a strategic discovery: the 7 Systems of Modern Slavery that are holding human beings back from fulfilling their potential, thereby preventing a move out of poverty into prosperity.

Watch this episode to learn whether YOU are a victim of these 7 Systems of Modern Slavery. And SUBSCRIBE to this channel in order to not miss any of the future episodes where I will unpack each of these 7 Systems of Modern Slavery and share knowledge with you, as to HOW you can get out from underneath these systems, and thereby refocus your life on fulfilling your human potential – thereby contributing to growing prosperity across Africa!

PS: These 7 Systems of Modern Slavery are relevant to ALL human beings, not just people in Africa.

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